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Tips & Tricks for your DIY Project

I suggest watching the videos for each project before starting your project and then watching along while you paint. HAPPY PAINTING!

  • Make sure the first layer of paint is dry before applying another layer. Some projects you can do just one coat if you are looking for a more weathered look. Painting Basics Video
  • Using the least amount of paint and pressure will give you the best results, too much paint may result in peeling of your paint because it does not cure correctly.
  • Make sure you when applying paint you have covered everything, especially next to stenciled areas, if you dont you wont have nice crisp edges of your text or art.
  • Do not pull the stencil off until the paint is completely dry, wood is typically a soft wood so when picking stencil off be careful and do in a well lit area.
  • All video links are on our Facebook Page under Videos and there is also a link on the product page where you made your purchase under the details. Some projects have several videos, we suggest watching the videos before you begin and then along while you are painting.
  • Most wood items I suggest using thisSpray Protector, if your project is intended and going to be placed outdoors, I suggest painting all surfaces and then spraying.

Projects with Magnets: Before applying magnets make sure you have lined up all your pieces so they will all work with your magnet placement. Apply your first set of magnets to the projects then apply a magnet(make sure you keep turning the magnet to get the best polarization)on top of the magnet on the project exposing the sticky back, then put your first piece on the project and apply pressure to your first piece... repeat for each additional piece.

If you can send me photos and feedback from your projects that would be great!
I would love if you have time to add a review to my Facebook page!